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Nos Da Three Wick Large Candle

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Aaaaand Reeelaaaaxxxxx....
  • The warm enveloping fragrance of sandalwood, and the exotic scent of musk give a calming feeling, perfect for an evening candle.
  • Nos Da means Good Night in Welsh
  • The burn time for this huge candle approximately 50 hours
  • This Huge 3 wick candle is made from Organic, Vegan Soy Wax, which produces a much cleaner flame than paraffin wax so the true scent of the fragrance can be enjoyed. It also melts at a low temperature so it does not damage the recycled amber glass meaning you can wash and reuse the jar!
  • Poured by hand in a 'candle kitchen' on the Loughor Estuary in the Gower in South Wales
  • All of the fragrance oils in this candle are created in the UK and have never been tested on animals.

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Susan Hawkshaw
Nos da, candle

This candle was bought for me for Christmas and I totally love it so much I went online and treated myself to one! Thankyou very much! X